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I think about death...and then I think to myself...Did my Grandmother's ever truly think about death the way our generation thinks about death? Death was so prevalent...losing family in WW2, losing brothers and sisters to illnesses too young and losing father's too young too. I wish I could ask them. My mother has dementia so I cannot ask her which at times makes me sad. And so I try to concentrate on the now. I stopped coloring my hair in 2017 because I got horribly allergic to the hair dye. I kind of went through a weird reckoning of...will I look " old" not coloring my hair? Now I LOVE my salt and pepper hair and the variations of white streaks and reddish dark brown which lingers along with the very dark. I find it fascinating! As for wrinkles...I am getting more age spots and weird agey things on my arms! The furrow in my brow has grown deeper since 2016. As long as my health is good (knock on wood) my teeth are intact and My hair is still on my head and I can still see I am happy! I always use sunblock on my face now to prevent skin cancer since it runs in our pasty faced family. I wonder too if my Grandmothers were ever obsessed with youth the way women are now? They were always dressed nicely, well manicured, well coiffed and elegant...unlike me sitting here in my pajamas with my hair all crazy ....honestly...they would find me slothful and horrific. And I would have to agree.

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