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Masterpiece....I wish this song was out in my teens. You Jena have a sister who would like to see your golden repairs of precious mending smashed again apparently. I was thinking about my own life and deep betrayals I've had. My husband says it is because I am unwilling to go along with anything that does not match my values or sense of integrity that I find myself with broken relationships. So, I am taking a deep breath and saying to all the following who I've had to let go...I am broken but I have Japanese mending in many places( alas some places arent gold just ugly sodder jobs) but when it comes down to it I must stand with what I feel is right for my own integrity....To my ex friend Annette who 3 months after being your maid of honor in your second wedding and having to wear the most hideous brides maid dress at the age of 56 blocked me and then slandered me to her family all because I loathe Trump and made no bones about it on Instagram, to my ex friend Amanda whom I was always "there" for but discarded me when you moved to a gated community with friends who purchased expensive things for you and then you became a " QANON KAREN" and for both my brothers John

and Andrew who both have DON'T TREAD ON ME license plates and are weasels who do not like me and for Andrew who has always taken a special loathing of me because our birth order displeased him ( I am the oldest which agitates his Narcissim) I say...my broken pieces contain mostly gold from the wisdom I've gained. The rest is sodder which I must replace with gold...but that will take time. I am a work in progress. Masterpiece may be too strong of a word. But I do love my gold soddering. Thank you Jena. These are hard. But so darn good.

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All the years you lived in Japan you have put to excellent use, Jena!!

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