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1. When was the last time you sang spontaneously and why?

I sang the National Anthem with the crowd this morning at this service.

In addition, to the ringing of the bells, a special United States flag that once flew over the World Trade Center will be hoisted to half-staff on the flagpole in front of Fire Station Five. On display in front of the station is a piece of steel from the World Trade Center. The city of New York has requested that the special flag be flown over the piece of steel at half-staff Sept. 11 each year. It has been done every year since the city received the flag in 2004.

            What:  Tolling of the Bells (Fallen Firefighter Tribute for 9/11)

            When:  6:45 a.m., Monday, Sept. 11, 2023

            Where:  Fire Station Five, 1020 Hinson St

2. What would it be like if singing was part of work?

Singing at work, a secret delight,

Hidden 'neath the fluorescent light,

In cubicles and office halls,

Where monotony often enthralls.

A whispered tune, a hushed refrain,

A melody to ease the strain,

Behind a desk or at a machine,

A quiet escape from the routine.

In meetings long and emails vast,

A song can make the hours pass,

A subtle act, a covert art,

To keep the spirit from falling apart.

So sing we must, though softly so,

In the realm where paperwork flows,

A reserve of music, our souls unfurl,

A hidden symphony in the working world.

(Jena, you can read the poem from top to bottom and then from the last line back up to the top. A reverse poem just for your delightful question.)

3. If you could sing at work, what music would you choose?

I’d work as a backup singer and dancer for Lady Gaga.

Imagine singing and dancing to~

“Just Dance"

"Poker Face"

"Bad Romance"

"Born This Way"


"The Edge of Glory"



"Rain on Me"

"Million Reasons"

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New Guinea, Jena! One of the wonders on this earth!

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