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I actually got a bit angry when I watched the videos. I think the immediate reaction was to displaying these old people's deeply personal emotional experiences in the open. It made me feel naked. It made me feel like ... zoo animals. I also heard the caring in the care takers' voices. And showing these experiences educates, elicits compassion. For all its worth, one of my biggest fears is being shoved into a care facility where everything I love or care about or feel is stripped away, and then people wonder why I would be catatonic, and then I'd be given drugs that strip away the last of me...yet, on the other side, I see the loving care my father receives, and still it is difficult to see this former CEO of a mid-size company and sports champion, now over 90, slowly losing his physical and mental abilities. I am grateful that in all this, he is still himself and has not lost his sense of humor, and he still flirts.

It is wonderful that the Power of Music is finding it's way back into the lives of people that are isolated for whatever reason.

Music heals indeed!

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Jena, I am always struck by the beauty of the music and the beauty of the dancer, Marta C. González, the former ballerina "who comes alive when some of her favorite music is played for her."

Thank you for reminding me that beauty is ETERNAL!

Also she has a great hair style!

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