The Human Voice - Part I

"The human voice is the organ of the soul." - H.W. Longfellow

I have become intrigued by the many and compelling sounds the human voice can make separate and apart from instruments. Start by watching this amazing explanation - and DEMONSTRATION - of all the parts of the human voice and the ways those parts can be used to make sounds: “The Human Voice is the Best Synthesizer.

Astonishing, right?

Let’s listen to the many and various ways a single voice can make music. The first few will feature familiar songs with all the parts, including the sound effects, being created by one voice.

  1. Jared Halley: Imagine Dragons

  2. Peter Hollens: Dragon Born

  3. Peter Hollens: I See Fire

  4. Mike Tompkins: We Are Youn

  5. Mike Tompkins: Blinding Lights

  6. Petra Haden: Psycho

  7. Petra Haden: Silencio

Now let’s look at some different ways to use and have fun with the human voice.

Female Throat Singers

Buddhist Monk Throat Singing

Bobby McFerrin: The Pentatonix Scale

Yodeling and Whistling Competition

Okay, so what did you think and what did I miss?

Please share any other forms of acapella music you like and know.

Stay tuned for group acapella inspiration in Part II.


P.S. Do you agree that the human voice is the organ of the soul?

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